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About Us

Timely access to quality and comprehensive information is critical to making the right decisions. In the field of industrial development, rapid receipt of such information allows for optimal interaction between interested entities in the production and distribution of production, attracting investment, co-operation. Qualitative information on industrial development is based on a variety of factors that are based on the nature of the production, research, commercial and communication processes in it.

IndustryInform is an innovative Data As A Service that simplifies how seniors, managers and manufacturers get industry data and develop their business. Through IndustryInform they can be informed about interesting opportunities for optimizing and expanding their business.

Using semantic technologies at mozajka.co, IndustryInform locates, filters and organizes industry-leading data and offers precise search capabilities among all available industry data while eliminating irrelevant results. This saves valuable personal and business time, improves efficiency and productivity, and reduces the cost of quality, professional information.

Scope of the info:

- The latest reports and conclusions of top analysts giving a complete picture of industry developments in the various industrial sectors, key players in them and market circumstances.

- An array of more than 50,000,000 separate information units, among which you can easily search for and extract detailed statistics, sales forecasts, market share, production data, and more.

- Information from secure sources, such as government agencies, international organizations, consultancy firms and industry associations.

IndustryInform is a brand of Mozaika Ltd